Strategy 2: Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement helps you accept where you are on your individual healing journey.


As you travel on your healing journey, you need to acknowledge and accept where you are right now. Acknowledgement includes being honest about past traumatic events and the effects they’ve had on you. But acknowledgement doesn’t stop there. It can help you realize that abuse is not your fault and you can heal. Acknowledgement encourages you to recognize that healing will take time. Everyone’s journey is different, and you need to continually assess where you are on yours.

“Group therapy was extremely tough, but incredibly rewarding and I finally felt like, maybe it was okay to talk about these things that had weighed so heavily on my heart. Although it was a rough road at first, I now find myself wanting to open up more. Sharing my story doesn’t seem as scary as it once did, and some day soon, I really hope to be in a position to help others affected by sexual abuse.”


Accepting Your Truth as a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

An important step on the healing journey for any sexual abuse survivor is Acknowledgement. This Strategy to Reclaim Hope consists of four major parts…

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