Strategy 5: Faith

Faith is the act of moving forward based on your belief that healing is possible, even if you may not see it yet.


Faith is a power that has the capacity to change things. It involves believing in a brighter future and believing in something that is bigger than you. This belief doesn’t necessarily need to be rooted in religion or spirituality. Ultimately, you need to believe that you can recover even though the process takes effort and time. When you apply the 5 Strategies to Reclaim Hope, you will heal, but the journey might not go as quickly or as smoothly as you’d like. Use faith to keep your perspective: tomorrow can be better based on what you do today.

“I am a survivor. I am a wife! I am a mom! I am a daughter! I am a sister! I am a friend! I am hope. I am love. I am an encouragement to other women. These words get to define me, not a number in a statistic! One of the best takeaways from The Haven Retreat was the walking affirmations. I find that when I do these I feel empowered, strong, undefeated, and I feel better about who I am!”


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