You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Who Qualifies To Come?

Any adult female survivors of childhood or adolescent sexual abuse are qualified to participate. For the retreat to be effective, survivors must be capable of safely living for 4 days in a social environment. In addition, participants must be able to abstain from drug and alcohol consumption. Properly prescribed medications are permitted. Regardless of your stage of healing or the time that has passed since the abuse, all survivors are welcome.

What Is Considered Childhood Sexual Abuse?

The answer to this question can vary significantly depending on who you are asking. For the purposes of The Younique Foundation, we use the following definition: Child sexual abuse involves another person (adult, sibling, or peer) who forces or coerces a child or adolescent into sexual activity. This activity may include fondling genitals, masturbation, oral-genital contact, digital penetration, vaginal intercourse, and/or anal intercourse. It’s important to note that child sexual abuse is not restricted to simply physical contact – it may include unhealthy sexual exposure, voyeurism, and child pornography.

Do I Need To Be A Younique Presenter To Attend?

No. Any adult female survivor of childhood sexual abuse can apply. It is not necessary to have any specific affiliation with Younique Products. The Younique Foundation is grateful for the ongoing support of Younique Products, but we are a separate entity established to serve the general public.

What If My Abuse Happened At Age 18?  Can I Still Apply?

There is virtually no difference in someone being abused at 17 or 18.  We do make a designation that we serve those who were abused as a minor. However, we will take applicants that were abused at age 18.

Why Won’t You Take Applicants That Were Abused As Adults?

We recognize that there are many adult women who have been sexually abused and/or assaulted. Although there are significant similarities between adult and childhood abuse survivors, there are also some differences. Our services are catered to those who were abused during their childhood or teen years.

How Much Does The Retreat Cost?

The retreat expenses are covered by The Younique Foundation and provided at no cost to you. The cost of travel to and from the Salt Lake City or Provo area is your responsibility. We will pick you up from, or drop you off at, airports, bus stations, or train stations as long as your arrival and departure are within certain time parameters. Alternatively, we can meet you at a designated location if you chose to drive.

Where Is The Retreat Located?

Currently, the retreat is at a mountain location in Utah County, Utah. The specific location will be provided to participants in the welcome packet so they can share it with anyone they wish.

When Is The Retreat?

We host The Haven Retreat year round. There are three retreats per month (except for December). Retreats start on Monday and end on Thursday. Once your application form has been filled out and reviewed, we will contact you to get you assigned to a retreat session.

How Quickly Can I Attend The Haven Retreat?

After you submit an inquiry request online, The Younique Foundation will email you a link to our application form. Once you have completed that form and it has been reviewed, we will contact you to schedule a visit with one of our clinicians.  Upon approval from the clinician, we will schedule you for a retreat based on the amount of time you selected on your application.  (Less than a week, 1-3 weeks, 4-8 weeks, 2-3 months). We are usually able to schedule you to attend The Haven Retreat within 120 days. 

Can I Attend The Retreat With A Family Member?

The Younique Foundation discourages attending with family members, friends, coworkers, etc. We want each person to have the best retreat possible and have found if women attend in pairs, they often spend time being a caregiver to their loved one instead of progressing on their own healing journey and are less likely to develop friendships and create a support network for themselves. This is a time to focus on individual healing, and The Younique Foundation strongly believes each woman deserves a therapeutic retreat where they are able to focus on education, validation, and empowerment.

How Much Advance Notice Do I Receive Before My Assigned Retreat?

This will vary based on what time-frame you selected on the application form and the number of applications received. We try to give you at least two months advanced notice to allow you to make arrangements to attend. Sometimes you will have much more than that. Based on your finances and ability to travel please select the best time-frame option for you on the application form.

Is The Retreat Confidential?

Your participation in the retreat as well as the personal health information you provide is confidential. The information is only disclosed as needed to The Younique Foundation employees, officers, directors, and volunteers. We limit access to confidential information even within The Younique Foundation to ensure that only those who need it to provide services have access.

What Is Done At The Retreat?

The Younique Foundation provides the following as part of the retreat:

  • Education sessions that help survivors understand how abuse trauma impacts individuals both physically and emotionally.
  • A system that helps survivors know how to heal from the abuse trauma and overcome self-defeating or unhealthy behaviors
  • Services and experiences that will help you relax and unwind.
  • Physical activities such as yoga, nature experience, and Muay Thai.

In some cases, activities are personal choice and if you’d rather, you can have time alone. Classes will vary in size and with the other survivors in your group at the retreat (between 8-12 women).

How Does The Retreat Help?

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse generally do not complete the healing process in 4 days. For most, it can take a significant amount of time. The goal of the retreat is to empower survivors with specific understanding and skills that make healing more likely and possible. The strategies learned at the retreat become life skills that will help the participants go through the healing process. In addition, the ancillary services are designed to help survivors know they are valued and cared for.

What Do I Need To Bring To the Retreat?

The Younique Foundation will provide lodging, meals, retreat services, and transportation to and from your arrival location in the Salt Lake City or Provo areas. Participants only need to bring personal items such as clothing, medications, personal care items, etc. The welcome packet will include a recommended packing list for participants.

Will I Be Able To Do Work From The Retreat?

While we do not put strict restrictions on the participant’s electronic interactions, we strongly encourage the participants to disconnect for the entirety of the retreat. The retreat location is in a mountainous environment where connections can be intermittent and for some carriers absent.

What Percentage of Younique Product Sales Go To The Foundation?

As a public charity, we are required to receive 1/3 of our financial support from the general public. Because of this, the amount that can be donated by Younique Products or their founders depends on the donations from others. There is not a fixed percentage of product sales that is donated. We are very thankful that Younique Products willingly supports our organization and their financial contribution is extremely generous. Additional information about our relationships with Younique Products can be found at the following link: > our story

Can I be contacted if there is a retreat opening?

When we have a last minute opening for a retreat, we extend the opportunity to applicants that notified The Younique Foundation that they have schedule flexibility and the financial means to arrange travel within a shorter time-frame.

We can include your name on the list of women we contact when a retreat opening arises as long as you call (801-717-2414) or email The Younique Foundation ( and request to be added to the short notice waiting list. We will contact women on the list until the opening has been filled.