Strategy 3: Power Through Surrender

Power Through Surrender is knowing what to fight and, more importantly, what not to fight.


At first, surrender might seem like a word that indicates defeat, but surrender is a way to reclaim power. Power comes through determining what and when to fight. Triggers and unpleasant memories will surface in your daily life. You might try to fight those unwanted thoughts, but fighting often isn’t the most effective approach. If you recognize unwanted thoughts and let them be, they will dissipate faster than if you focus on and fight them.

“After 15 years of not remembering my abuse and another 10 burying it, deciding to finally tell my parents was more than liberating. It was the catalyst to my healing. Until I attended The Haven Retreat, I never felt strong or worthy of happiness. Never. The Younique Foundation changed all of that. Attending the retreat removed the cloud I was living under. It helped me understand trauma and realize I wasn’t alone.”


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