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The Younique Foundation collects stories from survivors of sexual abuse to share with other survivors searching for healing. You can help other survivors reclaim hope by telling your story in your own words. Although every survivor is at different stages of healing and every story is different, many will be able to find strength in the light and courage of your voice.


I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.

Louisa May Alcott




What to Share

Other survivors want to hear how you have learned to find strength and healing. They want to know how you have learned to navigate the storms of life that inevitably come to abuse survivors.

Truth really does set us free, and if our wings are clipped, then how shall we fly? I could never express enough gratitude to The Younique Foundation and all those involved, but I can help others reclaim their hope.

Stephanie, Survivor

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We want your story to be your own authentic journey—how you are “learning to sail your ship”, but we would like you to follow a few guidelines to help us with our mission.

  • If you are sending a video of your story please make it between 1-5 minutes long.
  • If you are writing your story, please make it no longer than 800 words.
  • Our goal of the story is to encourage and empower other survivors of sexual abuse; to provide them hope. Keep this in mind as you decide what to share.
  • Please do not talk about the specifics of the abuse or your perpetrator as it has the potential of re-traumatizing survivors who are not as far on their healing journey.
  • Please share a breakthrough moment that was a turning point for you. We would love it if you would talk about how you are moving forward successfully, how you are reclaiming hope.

If you are sending a video file that is too large to send over your email, please send it as a zip file or use a free online service to store the file and provide us with the link. Here are some options—Google Drive; Dropbox; Box

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