We Have a Message For Parents And Caregivers

Speaker Topics

Any person that cares for a child has the responsibility to defend their innocence. At The Younique Foundation, we want to empower parents and caregivers to reduce the risk of childhood sexual abuse. This is not about “stranger danger.” Ninety percent of sexual abuse is done by someone the family knows.  As parents and caregivers, we can protect our children by:

  • Understanding the risk of childhood sexual abuse
  • Knowing how to teach a child about healthy touch
  • Having age appropriate discussions about healthy sexuality
  • Recognizing grooming patterns
  • Discussing the potential of past abuse

Wherever parents gather (Schools, Community Groups, Churches), we want to share our critical message.

Speaker Fees

The Younique Foundation does not charge any speaker fees.  In the event that travel is required we ask the sponsoring organization to cover the cost of travel and accommodations.

Although we do not charge speaker fees, we always welcome donations.