We Are Ready For You.


Designer – We are always creating new assets for social media, the web, and print.  If you are a designer and can follow a style guide, we can use your help.

Art Instructor – Participants at our retreats participate in a art class. We need kind, caring instructors who can help survivors have a great experience with art.

Musicians – We love to entertain the participants at our retreats.  We welcome voice and instrumental talent.

Photographer – Photoshoots are a wonderful way to help survivors see themselves in a new way.  We love to have talented photographers with the exceptional ability to also connect with our participants.

Personal Care Services

Hair Dresser – We are looking for hair dressers that can ensure a relaxing environment while providing a cut and style.

Esthetician – Our retreat participants love the opportunity to relax as they have a facial.  If you know how to help a woman relax, we would love your help.

Massage Therapist – A 15 minute chair massage is perfect for each participant.  If you can bring a chair and provide services for a couple of hours, we would love to work with you.

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Social Media Admin – Our social media platforms are growing by the day.  We welcome talented social media managers that can help us connect with our audiences.

Public Relations – As awareness grows, the need for good PR is growing too.  If you know how to effectively connect with media channels and grow awareness, your skills are needed.

Administrative Assistant – We always have office tasks that need attention.  We are looking for detailed oriented people that love to complete varied tasks.


Web Designer – If you love images, type, layout and user experience, we would love to have you. WordPress expertise would be a big bonus.

Software Developer – We need to turn some manual tasks into systems.  We’ll write the requirements and you can help us make it happen.


Writers – We need technical writers who can take some excellent information and make it sing in books, workbooks, blogs, and web content.

Editors – You editors already know how bad the world needs you. Bring your expertise and make our content read just as it should.