Can’t Attend The Haven Retreat? 5 Ways You Can Heal from Home

The Haven Retreat is an amazing opportunity for many child sexual abuse survivors to find healing. But what about those who aren’t able to attend? At The Younique Foundation, we want to help ALL survivors. Below are five ways that you can start or continue your healing journey right where you are:

1. Do one thing today for YOU.

Healing starts small, with one step every day. Take one step toward your healing today. It could be something as simple as saying aloud, “I am a survivor.” It could be taking 30 minutes to yourself. Maybe it’s buying yourself a new journal. Whatever you need, pick one thing today and DO IT.

2. Read our blogs.

Since you’re already here and currently reading this, you’re one step ahead. Our blogs are a reminder of the things you can do to heal. Take time to read any of them that interest you—or even the ones that don’t. You never know what might help you until you try it.

3. Read through Reclaim Hope: Empowering Your Life Through Five Strategies.

This book will help you build the groundwork for finding your own way to healing. It is currently available on our Resources page.

4. Utilize our resources.

Speaking of our Resources page, we are constantly adding things that can help survivors on their healing journey. These resources include videos, ebooks, and one-page breakdowns of the classes we teach at The Haven Retreat.

5. Find a licensed therapist.

You can only go so far on your own. If you think you’re ready to take your healing to the next level, look for a licensed therapist in your area. Not sure where to start? We have a helpful blog that might shine some light on that for you.

We want all survivors of child sexual abuse to find healing, not just those who can find their way to The Haven Retreat. Hopefully with the five things listed above, you’ll be a little better prepared for your own healing journey.