Have you ever felt lonely? Chances are, you have. It’s one of those things that affects almost everyone at one time or another. Yet, we rarely talk about it. In an article on loneliness, Sam Juric said, “I fear the presence of loneliness. The way it feels. What it may signal to people about who I am. Whether or not it leaves traces of itself on me for people to see. Whether or not people view me as the lonely girl.”

Survivors of child sexual abuse may be more likely to feel isolated or lonely. In our work here at The Younique Foundation, we’ve found a few ways to combat loneliness. If you are feeling lonely, reach out to someone and try the suggestions below.

Though studies on loneliness are limited, one tool that may reduce loneliness is talking about it. A licensed therapist is a great place to start. You can discuss all the reasons you are feeling that way and the root causes behind it in a safe environment.
Find a group of people that you have something in common with and spend time with them regularly. Join a book club, a dance class, or a gardening group. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s probably a group of people who share your same interests, and you can get together with them.
This can be helpful, as long as you write about your feelings and potential solutions. If you use your writing to push yourself into a downward spiral, it could be counterproductive. Instead, try building yourself up through expressive writing.
One quick way to pull yourself out of loneliness is to volunteer for a group that would love your help: your local food bank, animal shelter, or retirement home. Giving of yourself is an amazing way to feel less lonely.
It can be hard to see the positive when you’re feeling down, but a way to spiral up is by focusing on the good things in your life. If you’re struggling, start with the easiest, most obvious, or simplest things and move on from there. Be specific. Keep thinking of all the good things in your life until you feel better.

Loneliness isn’t easy for anyone, and it can be difficult to work through. You’re not alone in feeling lonely, however, and there are people who want to help you. Reach out to someone today, they might need you just as much as you need them.

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