In summer 2015, women from all over the world were invited to perform a lip-sync to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” for charity. Each video uploaded was to be met with a charitable contribution to The Younique Foundation, but what happened next was amazing. Many women found courage from all of those who supported their journey to find healing from sexual abuse. Because of this support, many of these survivors chose to upload videos of themselves breaking the silence of their sexual abuse.

Breaking the silence is such an important step in the healing process, and from that perspective alone the awareness campaign was a huge success. In addition, financial contributions have enabled The Younique Foundation to help in the healing journey of thousands of more women. We’re so grateful for every moment of this campaign. Thank you to all those who uploaded their songs, to the survivors who courageously took steps forward, and to the donors (anonymous and known) who have helped propel the worthy cause. Thank you, everyone, for your support.