Your crisis card contains things you can do, people you can call, things people can do (or avoid doing) for you, and a positive statement to encourage you during difficult times.


This resource is best experienced on a desktop or laptop with a printer connection.

Step 1

List three things you can do in a moment of emotional crisis (e.g., breathing, focusing on senses, going for a walk, observing your thoughts, etc.):

Step 2

List three people you can call during a moment of crisis (e.g. family member, friend, medical provider, therapist, etc.):

Step 3

Fill out the following section to help others know how to best help you in a moment of crisis.

This will automatically fill in a Crisis Card for you. View it below.

1. Things I can do during a crisis:

2. People I can Call:


3. What I need from others:

4. What others can do:

5. Things I don't Need:

6. Emergency #:

  • 911

My Crisis Card

Download Instructions:

(Intended for PCs and devices connected to a printer.)

  1. Click the “Print Card” button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Cut along the dotted lines.
  3. Fold the card in half along the solid line.