I am Beautiful, Even in the Broken Places

“I Am Beautiful Even in The Broken Places”

Donna, Survivor

“As I waited for my plane to head to The Haven Retreat, God and I had a one on one. I asked Him to allow me to be open to all of the experiences The Haven had to offer. Do you know what He allowed me to experience? My chains being broken!

He showed me the semicolon (;). You know, sentences and punctuations are funny little structures! The period (.) is to end a sentence, paragraph, and a story. The comma (,) is a continuation of the same sentence, paragraph, or story. But the semicolon (;) the semicolon is my treasure! Because God used it to end all of the bad stuff (the period.) and continued all of the good (the comma,) and the awesome plans He has for me and my life! He showed me that The Haven is my semicolon (;).

My time at The Haven Retreat was a time of refreshing, rejuvenation, and reflection! I reflect all the good The Haven inserted into my life! When I think about how God impacts a person’s life, I always think of a creek or a stream and the rocks that lay on its floor. The rock, when formed, has jagged edges and it lays at the bottom of the stream and just allows the stream and its continuous flow to make the rock smooth! What I went through as a survivor and beyond is my jagged edge and God used The Haven to finally smooth that part out of me! Because of my Haven experience, my chains are broken and I am beautiful even in the broken places.”

-Donna, Survivor