Online Sexual Harassment

Online sexual harassment is the weaponizing of sexual content—such as images, videos, or posts—to harass, exploit, humiliate, distress, coerce, or threaten. It can include a variety of unwanted sexual behaviors and can occur on any digital platform, though it is particularly prominent among apps and platforms that contain unmonitored livestreams, shared content, and direct messaging (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube).

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Sexual Abuse in Athletics

According to the 2020 Athlete Culture & Climate survey completed by the U.S. Center for Safesport, 93% of athletes who experienced sexual harassment or unwanted sexual contact did not submit a formal report/complaint of it. Here is more information on how you can help prevent child sexual abuse.

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Preventing Sexual Abuse in Church

Participation in a church or faith community is an enriching experience that can provide countless benefits. However, faith or religious communities—just like any other community– aren’t free of dangers. Here’s what can be done to prevent sexual abuse in church.

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Protecting Your Children from Sexual Abuse at School

Sending children to school is full of emotions and questions. Are they ready? Do they have good friends? Will they be safe?
The risk of sexual abuse is likely something on the minds of many parents. With the right knowledge and tools, you have the power to reduce the risk when your children are at school.

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Your gift can support survivors and help them Reclaim Hope.

How to Manage Your Triggers in the Digital Era

Guest blog written by Taylor Street. We live in the age of information. Access to scientific findings, economic data, and expert knowledge on any subject we’re curious about is literally at our fingertips. Answers to just about any question we can think of are rarely more than a few clicks away.

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Kintsugi: The Value of a Broken Bowl

Kintsugi: The Value of a Broken Bowlwritten by Saprea.orgI am kintsugi.Linda, past participant at the Saprea RetreatThe Legend of Kintsugi A Japanese legend tells the story of a mighty shogun warrior who broke his favorite tea bowl and sent it away for repairs. When he received it back, the bowl was held together by unsightly metal staples. Although he could still […]

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