Sexual Arousal During Abuse and the Shame of the Survivor

Think about the last time you sat down to eat. Maybe you finally managed to sneak a lunch break at work. Or maybe you got home for the day and had a nice family dinner. After you got done eating, you probably decided whether or not it was a good time for your body to […]

How to Find Change Through Giving and Gratitude

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, you may be constantly giving to other people. It’s common for survivors to be caretakers, to make sure that everyone else is taken care of, and it can be exhausting and draining. But, with planning, mindfulness, and a focus on gratitude, giving to others can increase your happiness […]

How to Practice the 5 Strategies to Reclaim Hope in Nature

When was the last time you got to really spend some time outside? Have you been able to go for a nice walk lately? Maybe you live close to the ocean or a lake. Could you go for a swim? We’ve all enjoyed the renewal that can come from being out in nature, soaking up […]

5 Everyday Activities You Didn’t Know Were Grounding Techniques

Did you know there are things you do all the time that can be used as a way to ground yourself? These grounding techniques are generally something you already do (or can do) every day. The goals of grounding are to stay present in the moment, decrease the severity of intense emotions, and calm an […]

The Risk of Suicide for Sexual Abuse Survivors

It feels like every day in the news there is a story about suicide. Whether it is a famous person, a high school student, or a baby boomer, their loss is felt. According to the CDC, since 1999 the suicide rate in the United States has risen by more than 30 percent in half of […]

The Challenge of Disclosing Your Abuse

Imagine that you’re wearing an invisible backpack filled with heavy rocks. No matter what activity you’re doing—whether you’re shopping at the grocery store, picking up your child from school, or going out on a romantic date—you’re wearing that invisible backpack. It’s always on your mind, and it’s always sapping your energy. Often people around you […]

5 Truths about Sexual Abuse and Disabilities You need to Know

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, you can feel like you aren’t always noticed or seen. As a survivor with disabilities, you may feel absolutely invisible. Here at The Younique Foundation, WE SEE YOU. Too often survivors with disabilities are overlooked and under-represented. Below are 5 truths you should know, whether you are a […]