Stop Feeling Guilty for Your Survival Instincts

Imagine that you’re walking in a forest when you hear a suspicious sound in the distance. You can’t quite tell how close the noise is and you don’t know what’s making it. But fear begins to develop when you hear a growling animal. Your initial reaction is to hold as still as possible. Your heart […]

How to Have Better Communication With Your Partner

Communicating effectively can be difficult, especially in relationships. Add the trauma of childhood sexual abuse into the mix, and you may find that you or your significant other struggle to understand and be understood. John Gottman, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at The University of Washington, developed research to identify the elements of stability in relationships. […]

The Magic of a Kind, Clear No

Imagine that you’re stacking rocks to build a pyramid. You lay a firm foundation of rocks and then stack another layer on top of that. You keep adding rocks until you reach the top layer that has just one rock. But you don’t stop there. You still have more rocks, so you keep stacking them, […]

5 Ways to Handle the Struggle With Loneliness

Have you ever felt lonely? Chances are, you have. It’s one of those things that affects almost everyone at one time or another. Yet, we rarely talk about it. In an article on loneliness, Sam Juric said, “I fear the presence of loneliness. The way it feels. What it may signal to people about who […]

Rosa Parks: The Forgotten Advocate of Sexual Abuse

Alabama, December 1955. A secretary was riding the bus home from work. The bus filled. She was asked to give up her seat so a white man could sit down. She refused. And history was made. Rosa Parks is best known as a woman who gave a firm “no” when she was asked to move […]

Improve Any Relationship With Assertive Communication

Can you think of a time when miscommunication created a problem? Think about this misunderstanding: As this story illustrates, communicating can be hard. Moments of misunderstanding are just part of life. Someone’s going to think you want a box of éclairs when you only want one. As psychiatrist Mark Goulston points out, “because we filter […]

How Can I Help?: Wear Your Hope Edition

Matt, an employee here at The Younique Foundation, had the following experience wearing his purple “No More 1 in 4” shirt while at an amusement park with his family: “We were standing in line for a ride, and a lady behind me, who was probably 19, asked me, ‘Hey, what is that shirt about?’ I […]