I Choose to Be Somebody Through Helping and Understanding

The first time I heard about The Younique Foundation was a year and a half ago. It was a turning point in my messy life. Being a survivor who carries a very heavy backpack (mine and my daughter’s), who still struggle daily with trauma and tries to keep my mental balance desperately, I felt right […]

Creating a Vision Board: What Do You Want Your Future to Be?

When Heather, a survivor of child sexual abuse, first heard about vision boards she rolled her eyes. There was no way a silly little craft project could help her heal. Then a close friend threw a vision boarding party. Heather went, not expecting to get much out of it. But, in the process of the […]

The Younique Foundation’s 10 Best Blog Posts of 2018

Want to get up to speed on the blog posts we’ve written this year, but feel too overwhelmed to read them all? This list is a great place to start! Below are TYF’s to 10 blogs of 2018. When you’re involved in an intimate relationship with a survivor of child sexual abuse, you may not […]

Enjoying the Holidays Again: A Survivor’s Perspective

  Are you dreading the holidays this year? You’d rather have a root canal, or two? But you can’t tell anyone you feel that way because they won’t understand, right? I understand. As a survivor, I know what it feels like to wear that heavy mask of fake happiness when confronted with holiday events that […]

Surviving the Holidays

The year is coming to a close, and with it comes all the usual excitement. Every street will be illuminated with festive lights, every store will be advertising the most enticing of sales, every public space will be filled with the sounds of familiar seasonal tunes, and every person’s calendar will be dauntingly filled with […]

10 Things You Can Do to Overcome Shame

You don’t have to live with shame over what happened to you when you were a child. You can overcome your negative feelings and live the life you truly deserve. Here are just 10 ways that might help you overcome shame: Many studies point to the power of writing in overcoming trauma. If you’re trying […]

How to Use Forgiveness as a Healing Tool for You

Imagine that someone put a hot coal in your hand and it burns you. Instead of dropping the coal, you carry it around, and it continues to hurt and burn. One day, you finally decide to release it. Your hand starts to heal. It takes time, and there might be a scar, but the constant […]