Rosa Parks: The Forgotten Advocate of Sexual Abuse

Alabama, December 1955. A secretary was riding the bus home from work. The bus filled. She was asked to give up her seat so a white man could sit down. She refused. And history was made. Rosa Parks is best known as a woman who gave a firm “no” when she was asked to move […]

Improve Any Relationship With Assertive Communication

Can you think of a time when miscommunication created a problem? Think about this misunderstanding: As this story illustrates, communicating can be hard. Moments of misunderstanding are just part of life. Someone’s going to think you want a box of éclairs when you only want one. As psychiatrist Mark Goulston points out, “because we filter […]

How Can I Help?: Wear Your Hope Edition

Matt, an employee here at The Younique Foundation, had the following experience wearing his purple “No More 1 in 4” shirt while at an amusement park with his family: “We were standing in line for a ride, and a lady behind me, who was probably 19, asked me, ‘Hey, what is that shirt about?’ I […]

don’t run from the past, run through it

Guest Blog written By Annie Smith, Image Manager at The Younique Foundation Life is interesting, isn’t it? One second you can feel like you’ve got it all together… and the next second you are looking around wondering how all the chaos snuck it’s way in. This was my experience as different forms of trauma decided […]

Your Story Has Power, and the Power Is Yours

The acclaimed Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shared this experience from her life: “I left Nigeria to go to university in the United States. I was 19. My American roommate was shocked by me. She asked where I had learned to speak English so well and was confused when I said that Nigeria happened to […]

Sleep Hygiene: What It Is and Why It Matters

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to progress on your healing journey. The benefits of getting good sleep include better decision-making, more focus, emotional resilience, a stronger immune system, and many other benefits. Good sleep begins with good sleep hygiene. What is sleep hygiene? Sleep hygiene is important […]

Add Fuel to Your Healing Journey: You and Your Body

Have you ever felt like you try and try to fix something and nothing you do works? It gets discouraging, and it’s easy to want to give up. Sometimes this happens because we’re trying to fix the wrong thing. For example, say your car won’t run because it’s out of gas. If you don’t know […]