Child Sexual Abuse Stigma and How to Combat It

On your healing journey, you may come across people who react to your experiences in inappropriate or even hurtful ways. These reactions, whether intentional or not, might make you feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or discouraged. They might make you feel judged or criticized. A painful reaction when you disclose your abuse may lead to a setback […]

How to Create and Hold Healthy Boundaries

Over the past few years, I’ve had the great pleasure to teach and discuss various topics with trauma survivors—shame, forgiveness, sexuality, etc. After discussing different communication styles, rights, and methods in an assertive communication class, a woman in her fifties shared, “Jessica, I keep hearing this word boundaries, and have all my life, but I […]

How to Get the Most Out of Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Your body houses some of the most remarkable machinery found on our planet. Supported by over 650 muscles throughout your body, you can jump, run, read, walk, eat, react to danger, and move to the beat of your favorite song. Muscles work by receiving signals from your brain. In return, your muscles send signals back […]

Finding Hope with the Help of a Pet

I am crazy about pets. It’s likely that any person who has known me for more than five minutes could recite that fact about me. So, as an employee of The Younique Foundation, I was ecstatic when I was asked if I would write a blog post about the healing benefits of animals. As my […]

What is the Loneliness Loop and How Can I Break Free From It?

Casey hates the phrase, “Humans are social creatures.” Most humans, she thinks, haven’t been through what she’s been through. They weren’t sexually abused at a young age by the one person they should’ve trusted the most. They didn’t confide in a close friend, years later, only to have that friend refuse to believe them and […]

Find a New Tribe: How to Heal Trauma Through Connection

Like birds of a feather flock together, humans were made to connect with each other. Those we connect with become our tribe: we feel safe, understood, and accepted. For many survivors of child sexual abuse, however, their experience with a tribe felt anything but safe and connecting. The mere thought of connecting with others can […]

Growing After Trauma: What is Post-Traumatic Growth?

When people think of trauma, they often associate it with the disorders and the difficulties that can occur as a result. Relatively few people, however, have heard about post-traumatic growth. Post-traumatic growth (or adversarial growth) has been documented in all kinds of trauma survivors, from those who’ve survived plane crashes to leukemia to child sexual […]