Finding Peace Through Understanding Trauma

Imagine a lighthouse and how firm it stands in the midst of a storm. Though waves crash upon it, the lighthouse remains grounded. It continues to give light and hope to sailors who depend on its guidance. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to find that kind of hope and peace after trauma? […]

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Your Brain And Trauma

Your brain is a powerful ally. It tries to protect you and keep you safe. But it’s through a better understanding of your brain that you’ll understand what you need to do, and why, to help yourself heal. Understanding these two parts of your brain (the limbic system and the frontal lobe) and how they […]

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Developing A Healthy Relationship With Time

The only time something can happen is now, in the present moment. But those who struggle with sexual abuse trauma often spend a significant amount of time in either the past or the future in the attempt to flee from the present moment. It’s important to learn to live in the present, however, because that’s […]

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Infographic About Sexual Abuse

This infographic gives some great info on sexual abuse and why survivors are sometimes reluctant to talk about abuse. It also has some press information on The Younique Foundation. Please share. Share this Post

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A Special Message From Rachel Platten for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

In summer 2015, women from all over the world were invited to perform a lip-sync to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” for charity. Each video uploaded was to be met with a charitable contribution to The Younique Foundation, but what happened next was amazing. Many women found courage from all of those who supported their journey […]

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Viewing Your Past Through A New Lens Of Hope

You are beautiful, and you can feel that about yourself; no matter what has happened in your past. In fact, it is really your past that makes you the beautiful person you are today, even if some experiences are dark and hard to confront. There is a longstanding Japanese tradition of repairing ceramics, called Kintsugi. […]

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