10 Things You Can Do to Overcome Shame

Brené Brown had this to say about shame: For survivors of childhood sexual abuse, shame is a pervasive feeling that grows and thrives as years go by. It slows healing, prevents self-acceptance, and can lead a person to turn to anger, violence, or addiction in attempts to combat the sexual abuse trauma or cover it […]

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How to Use Forgiveness as a Healing Tool for You

Imagine that someone put a hot coal in your hand. Instead of dropping the coal, you carry it around, and it continues to hurt and burn. One day, you finally decide to release it. Your hand starts to heal. It takes time, and there might be a scar, but the constant pain that came from […]

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Your gift can support survivors and help them Reclaim Hope.

Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Guest blog post written by Amalia Reyes It was an idle Tuesday afternoon last week at a Spin class when I finally got a hit of inspiration for this blog post. (I’d been procrastinating for the past month.) Our instructor was leaving us with a nugget of wisdom that hit me like a ton of […]

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You are Worth It: Building Your Self-Esteem

Can you imagine how convenient it would be to just buy self-esteem when you’re running low? Unfortunately, learning that you are capable, significant, and worthy is a skill that can’t be ordered through a one-click checkout. Instead, your “cart” of self-worth is filled day by day through what you choose to put in it. Just […]

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Sexual Arousal During Abuse and the Shame of the Survivor

Think about the last time you sat down to eat. Maybe you finally managed to sneak a lunch break at work. Or maybe you got home for the day and had a nice family dinner. After you got done eating, you probably decided whether or not it was a good time for your body to […]

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How to Find Change Through Giving and Gratitude

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, you may be constantly giving to other people. It’s common for survivors to be caretakers, to make sure that everyone else is taken care of, and it can be exhausting and draining. But, with planning, mindfulness, and a focus on gratitude, giving to others can increase your happiness […]

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