Creating a Vision Board: What Do You Want Your Future to Be?

Here at The Younique Foundation, we say that faith is the act of moving forward based on your belief that wholeness and healing are possible—even if you can’t see it yet. Faith can lead to personal growth and positive movement. Faith leads to hope. Faith gives you the will to act and change.

Having Hope in Your Future

When you’re a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, past trauma can stifle the power of faith to create change. Hope, however small, comes from a willingness to believe and declare how you see yourself in the future. It is the result of your faith in the possibility that you can be whole.

Having direction is challenging when you don’t have a vision or goal for your future. The power of faith can direct your thoughts to a positive, proactive path. If you are not proactively focusing on anything in particular, then you open yourself up to the influences around you. You become reactive instead of proactive.

So how do you put the power of faith to work for you on your healing journey? Try visualizing your future. Literally.

Vision boards are a powerful way to plan your future. The unconscious brain has the capacity to think in pictures. The limbic system of the brain can’t tell the difference between a thought that is repeatedly and vividly imagined and something that actually happened in the external world.

Creating Your Vision Board

To create your own vision board, the first decision you need to make is where you want the finished product. That will inform the tools you use to create it. You can create a digital vision board as a backdrop on your computer, make a collage for your closet door, or hang a bulletin board in your office. No matter which you choose, the next step is to pick the images.

Gather images that reflect what you want your future to look like. Find images that literally or figuratively embody what you want. After you’ve found the images you’d like to use (it may be five or fifty, depending on the size of your board and the breadth of your vision), put them all together. Don’t worry about the order or trying to put the most important one in a certain place. Just do what feels natural and let your unconscious mind help you by not thinking too much about it.

Take your finished product, a vivid and inspiring board of your future, and place it where you’ll see it regularly. Every time you see it, you’ll be sending your brain a visual message about what you desire. By viewing your vision board daily, you’ll be connecting your aspirations to the power of faith.

Keep your vision board up to date. If something on it no longer resonates with you, it’s okay to remove it. If you’ve accomplished a goal, it’s fine to replace it with a new one. This isn’t a one-time project but a continuous tool you can use to build your faith to continue on your healing journey.