Meditation can be a powerful tool to help you practice Mindfulness. As a survivor of sexual abuse, you may find that you have a need to find the peace that meditation can bring.

Below are five different ways to meditate that might help you feel grounded, centered, and present as you utilize the strategy of Mindfulness.

Take a 10-minute walk and meditate as you focus on different things. Spend a minute or two and focus on:

  • The feeling of your feet hitting the ground with each step.

  • The way your breath feels as you inhale and exhale.

  • The smells in the air around you.

  • The sounds you can pick out that you may not have noticed otherwise.

  • The way the air moves around you as you walk.

After you wake up in the morning but before you get out of bed, you can do a short meditation to get your day started off right. Focus on a word, a feeling, or a color that exemplifies the day you want to have. Do this for a few minutes before you begin your day.
Sit on a chair or on the floor, wherever you’re most comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe through your nose. Focus on each inhale and exhale. When you get distracted, gently bring your attention back to your breathing. Try doing this for three to five minutes.
This can help if you are feeling annoyed or frustrated with an important person in your life—including yourself. Sit somewhere quiet and think of the person you’re upset with; imagine them sitting in front of you. As your feelings of irritation come over you, visualize rays of happiness and light coming from you and going into them. Then reverse what you’re visualizing: visualize rays of happiness and light coming from them and going into you. Do this for a set amount of time or until you feel more peaceful toward that person (or yourself).
This one can be an instant mood lifter for a bad day. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself for one minute. Don’t stop. Just keep smiling for the full minute. This will boost your mood and, hopefully, make you laugh.

Experiencing trauma in your past can lead to anxious thoughts. Meditation can help you move past those thoughts, let them be, and live in the present.

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. It doesn’t require a mountaintop or formal training. Take a few minutes today to see if meditation works for you and if it can be another tool to use on your healing journey.

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