Join our peer-to-peer fundraising contest to help us bring healing services to as many survivors as possible, and for a chance to win a trip for two to Hawaii!

You and a friend will:

  • Be flown to the enchanting island of Oahu, where you still stay in a 4-Star hotel for 7 days/6 nights
  • Enjoy a complimentary 7-day car rental, allowing you to explore and enjoy the island to the fullest
  • Soak up the sun on Oahu’s most beautiful beaches
  • Experience the rich history and beauty of native Hawaiian culture for free at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Note: Your trip will be redeemed in 2021. Travel plans will be coordinated after a winner is determined.

The top two participants after the grand prize winner will each receive a $200 airline gift card, as well as a gift basket of The Younique Foundation branded merchandise.

How To Win

We are so grateful for your interest in helping to raise money for The Younique Foundation and want you to know that every dollar raised makes an impact for survivors of child sexual abuse.

Three amazing prizes are available for the three people who get the highest number of unique donors—not the highest dollar amount—to their fundraiser. Here are instructions on how to enter:

Start a Fundraiser on Facebook
Set a Goal and a Deadline
Set a goal for your fundraiser and schedule it to end on June 10, 2020. *Note: fundraisers must start on or after May 4, 2020.
Name Your Fundraiser “I Stand With Survivors“
In the "What's the title of your fundraiser?" field, type I Stand With Survivors.
Post Your Fundraiser
Post your fundraiser and share it with your friends and family members. Remind your friends and family members that each dollar donated goes toward helping survivors, and that no donation amount is too small!

The contest will run until 11:59 p.m. MST on June 10, 2020. Winners will be chosen based on the number of people who donated, not the amount raised.

Start My Fundraiser

Who You’re Helping

1 in 4 women is a survivor of child sexual abuse. 1 in 4.

She is the woman smiling at you from behind the cash register; she is the woman delivering your mail; she is the woman in line in front of you at the grocery store. She is your friend, sister, mother, cousin, coworker, classmate.

The Younique Foundation exists to serve these survivors. We inspire hope in women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents by providing healing services through retreats, support groups, and online resources.

We invite you to join a community of supporters who believe that we can all help survivors of child sexual abuse heal. Your fundraiser can help these women find the resources they need. By giving to The Younique Foundation, you are showing survivors that they’re not alone and reaffirming that hope and healing are possible. One hundred percent of your fundraiser will go toward helping survivors heal.

Where You’re Going

The Island of Oahu is unforgettable. Whether you’re a history buff or a beach bum, the memories you make while on the island will last a lifetime. Hike a different trail each day through volcanoes, craters, and jungles; relive history at the USS Arizona Memorial; or spend all week soaking up the sun on the iconic Waikiki beach. No matter how you choose to spend your time, you’ll come feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

Visit Tripadvisor to find more information about visiting Oahu.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Fundraiser

Add Your "Why" to the Fundraiser
The most important thing you can include in your fundraiser’s info section is why you are fundraising. Write a few heartfelt sentences to let your family and friends know why The Younique Foundation matters to you. This will increase their likelihood of donating to your fundraiser.
Get the Ball Rolling
Nobody likes to be the first one to the party, which is why it’s a good idea to make the first contribution to your own fundraiser. Doing so will help get your fundraiser off to a strong start and will also make others more likely to get involved.
Share With Your Closest Contacts First
Instead of sharing your fundraiser with your entire Facebook friend list, it’s best to start by sending a message to your closest friends and family members. These people are the most likely to donate to your fundraiser, so try sending a quick personal message to everyone in your inner circle to build early momentum.
Engage Your Social Media Audience
Once you’ve sent your first batch of messages, it’s time to turn to the rest of your social media audience. Post your fundraiser on your Facebook timeline, then send a personal message to as many contacts as you feel comfortable (co-workers, friends of friends, distant relatives, etc.) to spread the word.
Publicly Thank Your Donors
One of the best strategies to use on Facebook is tagging and thanking people who have already donated to your fundraiser. This spreads your message further and lets the people you are asking know that others are already supporting you.
Continue Thanking and Updating Social Media
As more of your friends and followers get behind you, keep thanking them on social media and make sure you continue to share progress updates towards your goal.

Fundraising can be intimidating, but all it takes is a little bit of creativity and persistence to be successful. No matter what, keep in mind that your efforts will make a huge difference for The Younique Foundation! We are so grateful for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no deadline for creating your Facebook fundraiser, however, fundraisers created before May 4, 2020 will not be considered. As long as your fundraiser is set to end on June 10, 2020, you are entered to win.
Only fundraisers with the name “I Stand With Survivors” will be considered for the contest.

This contest is only for United States residents ages 18 and up. Employees of The Younique Foundation, as well as spouses, immediate family members, and significant others of Foundation employees are not eligible to enter.
No, they will not. This competition is about the number of unique donors not the number of unique donations. So, even if the same person donates multiple times, they will be counted as one donor.
The last day of the contest will be June 10, 2020. Winners will be contacted by the end of the day on June 17, 2020.
You can find all of the contest fundraisers under “Active Fundraisers” on our Facebook page. We will also be posting updates to our Facebook page throughout the month.
The grand prize winner will be able to redeem their trip any time in 2021. Exact dates will be coordinated with the contest winner after the contest ends.
  1. No participant fee is required to enter the contest.
  2. While The Younique Foundation will be utilizing tools provided on the Facebook platform, this contest is in no way associated with Facebook.
  3. This contest is for US residents, ages 18 and older.
  4. Only Facebook Fundraisers that meet the following requirements will be counted:
    1. Participants’ Facebook Fundraisers must be set to raise money for The Younique Foundation
    2. When prompted to name the Facebook Fundraiser, participants must name their fundraiser I Stand With Survivors. Facebook Fundraisers with any other name will not be counted.
    3. Participants’ Facebook Fundraisers must be set to start no earlier than May 4, 2020. Fundraisers started before May 4 will not be considered.
    4. Participants’ Facebook Fundraisers must be set to end at 11:59p.m. MST on June 10, 2020.
  5. The top contest winner will be identified by a team at The Younique Foundation. The contest winner will be chosen based on participants who have the highest number of unique donors to their Facebook Fundraiser by 11:59 p.m. MST on June 10, 2020.
  6. The participant with the highest number of unique donors will be given a 7-day trip package for two to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Please note:
    1. The grand prize trip will take place in 2021. Exact dates will be coordinated with the three winners at the end of the contest.
    2. The grand prize will include two round-trip, economy-class airfare tickets, 5 nights at a 3+ star hotel in Honolulu, and a 7-day midsize car rental to be coordinated at the end of the contest. Estimated value of this prize is approximately $4,000.
    3. Winners of the grand prize will be contacted by the end of the day on June 17, 2020.
  7. The top two participants after the grand prize winners will receive a $200 airline gift card, as well as a gift basket of The Younique Foundation branded merchandise. The two winners will be contacted by the end of the day on June 17, 2020. The estimated value of this prize is approximately $400.
  8. After winners are contacted, they will be given 48 hours to respond. If no response is given in 48 hours, the winner forfeits their prize and The Younique Foundation will contact the Participant next in line.
  9. Taxes. Any valuation of the prize(s) state above is based on available information provided to the Foundation, and the value of any prize awarded to a winner may be reported for tax purposes as required by law. Each winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prize(s) and paying any expenses associated with any prize which are not specifically provided for in the official rules. Each winner must provide the Foundation with valid identification, a valid taxpayer identification number or social security number, and any other information required for appropriate reporting of taxes before any prize will be awarded. U.S. residents winning over $600 in prizes from the Foundation will receive notification at the end of the calendar year and a copy of such notification will be filed with the IRS.
  10. PR, Publicity, Promotion; Use of Personal Information. By participating in a contest, where allowed by law, all participants and the winner grant the Foundation exclusive permission to use their names, photographs, voices, and likenesses in connection with promotion of this contest and waive any claims to royalty, right, or remuneration for such use.
  11. Release. By participating in the Contest, each participant and winner waives any and all claims of liability against the Foundation, its employees and agents, the Contest’s sponsors and their respective employees and agents, for any personal injury or loss which may occur from the conduct of, or participation in, the Contest, or from the use of any prize.
  12. Eligibility and Limitations. Participants, the winner, and guest of the winner must be 18 year of age or older. Employees of the Foundation, board members of the Foundation, the Contest’s participating sponsor (Derek and Shelaine Maxfield), and members of the immediate family of any such persons are not eligible to participate and win. The term “immediate family” includes spouses, significant others, children, and any other persons residing at the same household.
  13. Prize. The prize that may be awarded to the eligible winner is not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize. The prize must be redeemed/scheduled within 1 year of the contest end date. Scheduling of the prize by the winner is subject to the approval of the Foundation. If a winner cannot be contacted or is disqualified for any reason, the Foundation, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine an alternate winner or not to award that winner’s prize.