I Chose to Find Healing in the Hurt

The sleepless nights, the tears shed, the resentment held, and the unanswered questions. This is totally what years of my life consisted of. The memories I shared told a troubling story of a young girl at the age of three becoming a victim of sexual abuse that lasted for more than seven years. The violence in the home also made me a victim of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Even after my mother shot and paralyzed my father out of self-defense the abuse continued.

As a teen I was rebellious, hateful and depressed. I had been placed in a group home because of my attitude I constantly questioned why I was born to a family that was so dysfunctional. After many failed attempts to end my pain, I felt running away would be the next best thing…. Leaving it all behind, so I thought! Not long after leaving I was found I was placed in foster homes.

It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I decided I was no longer going to let the ones who had caused so much pain in my childhood continue to cause any pain in my adulthood. I was no longer going to be a victim! I was a victor, a survivor! Forgiveness cut that tie that gave my abusers control over me.

The past has made me who I am today. I am a survivor, foster mother, adoptive mother, author, motivational speaker, and a life coach. My journey is what I make it. My journey has changed because I chose to find healing in the hurt; I chose to find purpose through my pain.

I live to help others find purpose, those who have been victims I encourage them to become victorious and never allow the ones who once held them down to become a stumbling block to the future!

Be strong, be blessed, and believe in who you are meant to be.

-Dawn, Survivor