It’s Not Your Fault

Don’t find fault, find a remedy.

-Henry Ford-

Sexual abuse thrives in secrecy. There is an unfair stigma attached to it that leads many people, not just survivors, to stay silent. It is very common for a survivor to transition this silence into shame – to take blame for the abuse.  To make matters worse, the abuser may have even told them that the abuse was their fault. Too often families hide the abuse, authorities seem to dismiss it, and there’s an underlying fear that no one will believe it. So survivors stay silent. The shame that accompanies what happened can be debilitating.

As strongly as we can possibly state it, we want you to know that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. You have had to carry a burden of silence and secrecy that you should never have been asked to bear.

You can’t stay silent if you want to heal. This does not mean you need to shout your abuse to the world.  You can even break the silence to yourself.  It is amazing how healing it can be to acknowledge to yourself that you are not to blame.  And where you feel it’s appropriate, you can share your journey with others. You have to shed the silence, shame, and secrecy. Your healing is your responsibility now.

Through the healing journey you’ll find strength you didn’t know you had, courage you may have lost touch with, and power you may not have experienced before. You weren’t given a choice when you were abused, but now you DO have a choice. Decide to take back your voice. Decide to take back your life. Decide to reclaim hope. And decide to start now.