i choose to be somebody


Have you ever seen a problem affecting the world and thought,  “somebody needs to do something about this?”  We believe every person has the power to be a force for change. Each of us can look at a problem and think,

“somebody needs to do something… but that somebody could be me.”

The Younique Foundation works hard to help women find healing after surviving childhood sexual abuse, but it’s not something we can do alone. To help every survivor, it takes many individuals standing up to say, “I choose to be somebody!” One in four women is sexually abused before the age of 18. Take a look at our resources below and choose to say, “Somebody does need to do something about this…and that somebody is me!” You can choose today to be the somebody that will stand up and support survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


read the stories of people

who chose to be that somebody



I first became interested in The Younique Foundation after attending a presentation given by the Executive Director, Chris Yadon. I became aware that there were so many who had become quiet victims of childhood sexual abuse. I realized how immobilizing and destructive that experience can be. I had witnessed this in my own extended family many years ago. I felt a special need to help others who had been victims. After the workshop, I asked Mr. Yadon if there were any opportunities to volunteer. He said there many things to do to help. It was easy to fill out forms and get a clearance check to do the work.

As a grandmother and great-grandmother to many, I felt I could help educate my kids and grandkids on ways to teach their children about sexual abuse. The Younique Foundation’s program of how to teach the use of proper nouns to describe body parts and establish physical boundaries was so impressive. I was likewise impressed at how they encourage parents to start early to build that trust relationship with their child so they feel comfortable talking about sex from an early age with their parents rather than going to friends and getting wrong information.

For the last year, I have been cutting and tying fleece quilts for adult women who were abused as children and then attended The Haven Retreat with other survivors. They receive these on the first day, and the blankets are very comforting as the survivors do something very difficult in sharing their past with others. The blankets are theirs to keep. The women come from all over the world. I have also been writing encouraging cards that are given to the women on the last day of the retreat to strengthen them as they return to their normal lives.

This has been a very rewarding year for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a volunteer with The Younique Foundation.


I am a mother and a daughter of survivors. When I first found The Younique Foundation (TYF) and started spreading awareness, my mother and my daughter were silent about their past, so I made it my mission to be their voice! I post often on social media about preventing sexual abuse and bring it up in conversations frequently because we need more awareness so we can bring an end to sexual abuse. My mother finally decided she was going to no longer sit in silence, and she now shares her story often. My mother has also applied for The Haven Retreat because she has realized that she never really gave herself the chance to heal. My daughter is still young and uncomfortable talking about her past, so for her I will continue to be a part of this mission and be her voice and fight to make as many people aware as humanly possible until there is no more 1 in 4! It kills me that I was unaware and was unable to protect the two most important women in my life, so I will do whatever I can to help defend the innocent so that future girls will not have to suffer like they did.


How you can

choose to be somebody.

How you can

choose to be somebody.