Flying to a foreign country wasn’t the big deal. It was flying to a place where I would have to face my hurts that scared me. But I got there, and everyone wanted to help me, everyone wanted to KNOW how I was doing, everyone wanted me to just be…

I was the one of 23 women who made up the 109th group to go through The Haven Retreat. A group that still keeps in contact and still shares stories with each other, 8 months later on social media. We all had secrets, we all had dark pasts, but that didn’t stop us from experiencing the love and acceptance and healing that was being provided. It didn’t stop us from growing and nurturing with one another through the processes we were presented with.

I made lifelong friends at The Haven Retreat. I made memories that will last me a lifetime and I know they will for the other ladies that attended too. It literally, cliché or not, changed my life. Thank you YOUNIQUE FOUNDATION!

-Brina, Survivor

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