During October, you maybe saw someone you know and care about post #MeToo on social media. You probably asked yourself what you could do next.

Or maybe you were one of the brave survivors who said #MeToo. Perhaps this gave you a sense of freedom and power creating a want to reclaim your life after abuse.

With every breaking news story of another powerful person being called out for sexual abuse, harassment, or assault, the need to do something builds, and it is reaching a tipping point.

#MeToo started the conversation, but what is next? What do we do now, knowing that sexual abuse is rampant in our society? How can a survivor reclaim hope after abuse?

Below are a couple of things you can start today whether you are a survivor, a loved one of a survivor, or just someone who wants to make a difference.

For Survivors

  • You are not alone.

    First and foremost, you are not alone. We hope you have felt a sense of community by saying #MeToo. If you didn’t get community support, please check out our Faces of Survivors gallery. Read the amazing and courageous stories of several survivors, and truly come to know that you are not alone.

  • Seek out helpful resources

    If you are ready to reclaim hope and find lasting healing, we at The Younique Foundation have worked to put together several resources to help you as you overcome the impact of abuse.

    Two great resources are our free Reclaim Hope book and workbook, full of strategies and exercises to help you overcome triggers, live in the present, and realize a bright future is ahead.

For Supporters

  • Know how to respond when someone breaks the silence

    Hearing that a friend or family member was treated in such a horrible way is challenging. It might come as a shock, and most likely a flood of emotions will accompany the news.

    The most important thing you can do is learn how to respond when someone breaks the silence. It might be difficult to know what to say or how to react. A great place to start is to say, “I believe you. What can I do to help?” Also, we’ve compiled some tips just for you.

  • Recognize your own need for healing

    You are also affected by this abuse. Even though the abuse did not happen to you, knowing that it happened to someone you love will impact your life. The healing journey the survivor is beginning is your journey, too.

    A great resource to help you on this healing journey is our free Supporting Hope book.

Be The Difference

  • Raise your voice

    “The Younique Foundation staff could work 80 hours a week, and our effort will remain as a drop in the bucket compared to the flood that all of you can create.” –Shelaine Maxfield, Board Chair and President

    To stop child sexual abuse and provide healing for survivors, we need your voice. Follow us on social media, spark conversations by taking a picture in our apparel, and talk with those in your community about this epidemic.

    By doing these simple things, we can create a public dialogue with lasting effects.

  • Donate to help provide healing and prevention

    We need funding to continue providing resources and solutions that have an impact. Through generous donations, we can teach parents how to prevent abuse from happening, run The Haven Retreat to help survivors find healing, and also work to break the stigma surrounding sexual abuse by leading the public dialogue. Join us in this endeavor by donating today.

Whether you’re a survivor, supporter, or concerned citizen, thank you for what you do to help in the fight against childhood sexual abuse. We can’t make progress without you.

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