Mountains Can Be Moved

“You were given this mountain to show others that it can be moved”

Going to the retreat was one of the best decisions of my life. For 20+ years, I tried to cope with my abuse but never had the tools to be successful. Finally, at 28 years old for the first time I feel like I’m going to be more than okay.

The retreat allowed me to meet some of the most incredible woman and started bonds that I am certain will last a lifetime. I hesitantly took a yoga class thinking it was silly because I can barely touch my toes, yet it ended being my favorite coping tool. I know I will use it often to deal with my anxiety and depression.

Thanks to the Younique Foundation I finally feel uplifted, validated and empowered. You have given me a way to give my pain a purpose and for that I will be forever grateful.

– Amanda, Survivor