My abuse went on for years growing up. I kept it to myself in shame and fear of others finding out. I felt dirty, ashamed, scared, alone, and hopeless.

I battled depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts for years because of the trauma.

I found hope in Utah. I attended the Saprea Retreat a year ago now and it changed my life drastically. My breakthrough came in the Muay Thai boxing class. I hit those pads with EVERYTHING in me. Something snapped in me and I felt a burst of freedom flow through my mind and body.

The staff were so helpful, they took me outside and talked me through my emotions and memories as they flooded in. I am forever in debt to Saprea for the services they provided to me in my time of need.

I left there with hope, a start to healing, and so many new tools to continue my healing journey at home.

-Tiffini, Survivor

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