Founding Partner

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Corporate Donors

We are so grateful to our corporate partners and sponsors who lend both their voices and their influence in support of our mission.

“Rustico was founded on the concept of taking care of each other—something we share in common with Saprea. When we are generous with our time and resources, we can make a big difference in the lives of others.”

–Isaac Childs, Rustico Founder–

Private Donors & Family Foundations

The work of Saprea could not happen without the support of our dedicated private donors and family foundations.

"Saprea has offered my students a true gift, real world experience. I am so thankful to Saprea for giving my students an opportunity to learn, grow, and be creative. We all had so much fun and had a learning experience [about consent] that cannot be duplicated."

–Ms. Marjie Ralph, Teacher, Advanced Learning Center, Nebo School District. –

Community Partners

We are proud to work with partners who share our commitment and dedication to helping families connect with resources that promote happier and healthier communities.