• Spending too much time in the past or future can lead to depression or anxiety. Awareness brings you back to the present.

  • Grounding techniques can restore balance and draw your attention back to the now.

  • Awareness puts you in a position to make a conscious choice, allowing you to choose how you’ll act and respond in a given situation.

  • Becoming aware of the present moment will help you get out of crisis mode so you can move forward in a productive way.

  • Examples: Yoga, Muay Thai, coloring, etc.

Live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don’t rent them out to tomorrow.Jerry Spinelli

Awareness is the first strategy in the 5 Strategies to Reclaim Hope. For more about these strategies, find the Reclaim Hope book and workbook Here.

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The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle
Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
You Are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh
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