The 5 Strategies
to Reclaim Hope

The 5 Strategies to Reclaim Hope

At The Younique Foundation we believe that survivors of childhood sexual abuse can find healing. We’ve found that the strategies below can be an important part of the healing journey. To read our Reclaim Hope book and workbook, go to


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AWARENESS is realizing that the only time something can happen is now. Refocus your mind on the present.


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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is knowing that your abuse happened, it wasn’t your fault, but it is within your power to heal, change, and realize where you are now and what you need to do to heal.


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POWER THROUGH SURRENDER is learning how your trauma voice talks to you and learning to let it be.


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MINDFULNESS is the ability to focus on empowering thoughts and feelings while choosing to co-exist with non-productive thoughts and feelings.


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FAITH is planning for the future without anxiety and connecting with a power greater than yourself.