When we feel shame, our thoughts and emotions can tell us things that are untrue, like:

  • I'm not worthy of...

  • I'm not enough for...

  • I'm too damaged to...

  • If they really knew me they would...

One way to help change the shame voice is through The Inner Companion Reframe.

The downloadable tool below helps you apply these four steps:


Identify what your shame voice tells you.
ie. You shouldn't feel this way; It was your fault; You're defective; You're not as pretty as they are; No one likes you.

Create in your mind a kind and loving inner companion, and think of what they might say to you as someone they fully accept and love.

Rephrase the shame voice to what your kind companion would say.
ie. It's okay to feel that way; You aren't responsible for others' actions; You have so much to offer; Each person has their own beauty; I love you and you are worth it.

Remind yourself of your kind inner companion as often as needed when shame arises.

Download your own worksheet below to help you overcome shame.


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