THE #MeToo Era Has Helped Empower

LEHI, Utah, Dec. 12, 2019 — The #MeToo era has helped empower women to disclose their experience with sexual abuse, the next steps toward healing are often unclear. The Younique Foundation has taken on the mission to answer the call. The nonprofit’s “Haven Retreat” is specifically designed for adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The four-day educational retreat is filled with activities that provide participants with tools to help on their healing journey.

Over four days, participants are treated as guests in a beautiful remote retreat where licensed mental health clinicians oversee the program. Classes are offered in a supportive community with other survivors of child sexual abuse. Classes include topics such as overcoming shame, practicing mindfulness, and healthy body image. Yoga and  Muay Thai, a form of martial arts,  are also offered.

The retreat is fully funded through donations, attendance is 100% free to participants, including lodging and meals. Both retreat locations, in  Utah  and  Georgia, are currently accepting applications.  

“Somehow, in the course of only four days, The Haven Retreat gave me real happiness,” said one participant.  “Although complete healing can be a long journey, I’ve learned that it’s okay to be a work in progress.”

University research found that The Haven Retreat significantly helps reduce the impacts of child sexual abuse. The study concluded that result outcomes of the retreat are comparable to receiving up to 15 to 24 weeks of group psychotherapy. On average, participants see a 23 percent reduction of PTSD symptoms, a 21 percent improvement in well-being, and a 9 percent increase in confidence that they can cope with their traumatic experiences.

Hosting over 3,000 retreat participants signifies a milestone for the still-young nonprofit. Due to increasing demand, a second  retreat location was opened in  Georgia  this year. Participants fly to the U.S. retreats from all over the globe:  Australia,  New Zealand, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, etc. The Younique Foundation offers a variety of healing resources for survivors in addition to the four-day retreat, including 39 peer-led support groups globally as well as online resources. Women interested in attending The Haven Retreat may sign up directly at:

The Younique Foundation was founded by  Shelaine and Derek Maxfield, who began this global mission after seeing a dire need of assistance for survivors of child sexual abuse. The organization also seeks to raise awareness about the epidemic that 1 in 5 children will be sexually abused before reaching the age of 18.

About The Younique Foundation

The Younique Foundation was founded in December 2014. Retreat and support services are offered to adult female survivors of child sexual abuse. Coping skills, peer-led support groups, and education resources are available. The Younique Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that depends on the generosity of the public. For more information, please visit  or