Every year Time magazine chooses a Person of the Year. Someone who was significant in the events of that year, whether positive or negative. This year instead of just one person, they chose to highlight the women and men who spoke up about their sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or sexual assault, including the woman who created the #MeToo campaign.

The Time magazine cover choice marks an amazing shift away from focusing on the perpetrator to focusing on the survivor. These women and men have been shown to be strong, capable, and courageous. It’s creating a space for all survivors to tell their stories.

At The Younique Foundation, we know the power that a survivor’s story can have. In fact, we have an entire page dedicated to it called Faces of Survivors. These women have bravely shared their stories of abuse and healing. In breaking their silence, they are breaking the stigma surrounded talking about childhood sexual abuse.

If you are a survivor who is ready to share your story, we would love to hear it. If you’re a supporter who wants to help or a survivor who isn’t ready to break their silence, we have other ways that you can help, including supporting the work that we do to help educate and empower.

Time magazine’s decision to highlight the strength of the survivors will hopefully set a precedent that will continue as more women and men opened up about their experiences.  We are grateful it has shone a light on sexual abuse, taking it from something secret to something we can and should speak openly about. Let’s keep this conversation going and continue to break down the stigma around talking about it. You can heal, and we want to help you do it. You are not alone, you don’t need to feel ashamed, you are a survivor, and your story matters.

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