Want to get up to speed on the blog posts we’ve written this year, but feel too overwhelmed to read them all? This list is a great place to start! Below are TYF’s to 10 blogs of 2018.

Survivors and Sexual Intimacy
When you’re involved in an intimate relationship with a survivor of child sexual abuse, you may not know how you can be most helpful in her recovery, especially when it comes to what happens behind closed doors.
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How to Re-Wire Your Brain After Childhood Sexual Abuse
How do you gain control of your hyper-aroused limbic system and move past the pain? We have five suggestions of things that you can do to re-wire your brain and work toward healing.
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I Was Abused, Broke, and Lost
Part of our I Was, I Am, I Will series, this blog post was written from the perspective of a survivor as she makes progress on her healing journey.
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Stop Feeling Guilty for Your Survival Instincts
Fight, flight, or freeze are the body’s natural way to handle threats. Don’t feel guilty of the way you responded to your abuse in childhood, it was the way you protected yourself.
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The Forgotten Survivor
A guest post from our Executive Director, Chris Yadon. He speaks to the survivor child sexual abuse who feels forgotten, ashamed, and alone.
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Grounding Techniques to Combat Anxiety and Depression Caused by Trauma
Too often anxiety becomes a cycle that a survivor can’t break away from. This post gives examples of four grounding techniques that can help get out of that cycle.
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5 Truths About Sexual Abuse and Disabilities You Need to Know
Survivors of child sexual abuse with disabilities are often overlooked, under-represented, or misrepresented. Learn more about them to help understand them.
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You Are Worth It: Building Your Self-Esteem
You are worthy, loveable, and enough. Take the time to find ways to build your self-esteem and learn to love yourself for who, and what, you are.
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How to Gain Perspective on Your Self-Worth
Sometimes self-worth is a matter of perspective. You may be looking at things the wrong way. Change your view and change your self-worth.
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Emotional Pain: From the Prisoner to the Powerful
Physical pain is a signal from your body that something needs your attention. Emotional pain does the same thing. When you look closer to see what is causing you emotional pain, it may give you insights into your healing.
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