The Worth of a Soul is Great

“The worth of a soul is great.” 

-Carrie, Survivor-

“I was able to attend the Haven Retreat in April. This is a day that I will never forget. I was so ready to find my voice but did not know how or where to start. At the age of 46, I had never talked about my abuse.

I am a Wife, Mother of 4, Mother-in-Law, Mumzie, Daughter, Sister, and a Cosmetologist but never felt worthy of my life. People would look at me and say I want your life. I would just think if you only really knew! (I do know I have a good life)

The morning of April 18th as I walked through this amazing door into the most beautiful house I knew my life would be changed forever. I finally felt free! I felt the peace that I had been looking for! I knew I was in the right place at the right time for me to start my healing journey.

I could finally validate the little girl inside of me. The staff that greeted me were so kind and genuine. I had never had so many strangers connect with me and want to see the best for me and my family. I was educated for the next four days about why I do the things I do; how come I think the way I do. Now, I have the ability to change those negative thoughts and feelings!

I learned how to find my voice! I made some goals and wrote them down. I put into action the lessons I learned to help me be the best I can be! I can say I am happier today because I took a leap of faith and trusted the Younique Foundation! I will never be able to express to the Maxfields and to all their staff how thankful I am for what they do everyday to help others reclaim hope! The worth of a soul is great.”

Carrie, Survivor