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Our message to survivors is clear: You are worth the effort required to find wholeness. Freedom from the fear and shame of abuse is possible. We will help you reclaim what was taken—helping you to find healing and love for life. Wholeness doesn’t just happen. You deserve to be free from the pain of the sexual abuse you have suffered and we can help.


I am so appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the retreat! I walked in nervous but left feeling nothing but loved, safe and confident in my abilities to tackle emotions and feelings that might come up regarding my past. I used to think that ‘abuse was a death sentence’ but now I feel like I am 100% capable of living the life I deserve.

—Tina, Survivor and Retreat Participant


What to Expect at The Haven Retreat

Education. Experience. Community.


The four-day retreat focuses on activities that increase the likelihood of healing from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. While many activities are in a group setting (8-12 women) with other adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse, participants also have personal time to reflect and rejuvenate.


Lemon Water



Understanding trauma and the impact of abuse provides a necessary foundation to apply healing tools and strategies.


Participants at The Haven Retreat are introduced to various therapeutic methods that are conducive to healing. Often times, survivors only use talk therapy to work through healing. While talk therapy can be an important part of your journey, additional therapeutic methods can accelerate and augment becoming whole.


No one understands the healing journey as well as another survivor. We provide a beautiful mountain environment where you can disconnect from day-to-day life and build a support community of other survivors.


Group therapy can be an effective means to heal from sexual abuse. As part of The Haven Retreat, we provide group therapy sessions at an offsite location.


I would want any friends or family I have that are survivors of abuse to be able to have this experience and be able to learn all of the things taught at this retreat. It is healing and provides so much information that is beneficial for us to progress in our lives.

—Dani, Survivor and Retreat Participant



Retreat Cost

Due to the generosity of our founders and donors, survivors are able to attend The Haven Retreat at no cost. Participants are responsible for travel to and from the location. All food, lodging, and services are provided for you free of charge.



Any adult woman who was sexually abused at or before age 18 is eligible to attend The Haven Retreat. In addition, participants must be able to safely live in a social environment for 4 days with a group of other survivors and abstain from drugs or alcohol without significant withdrawals.

Why We Do What We Do

1 in 4 women will be sexually abused before age 18. 60% of these women will never talk about it. 90% of these women know their abusers.

It’s time to do something to help the millions of female survivors who have suffered from childhood sexual abuse. At The Haven Retreat survivors learn skills to help them manage the impact of abuse, enabling them to become whole. We believe all women are worthy of living their best lives and all survivors deserve to be free from the pain of sexual abuse.

In August 2014, Derek Maxfield announced that it was time to do something to help the millions of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This is what he said:


I can’t change all of it, but I can make a difference. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was more of an awareness? Less shame for something you didn’t do? And less secrecy for something that needs to not be taboo? Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody built a place in the mountains where [a woman] could go and get away and start the healing process?

—Derek Maxfield, Founding Board Member of The Younique Foundation


In June 2015, The Younique Foundation hosted the first 11 participants at The Haven Retreat, providing acceptance, education, and community as a foundation for their long-term healing. These 11 women walked away with skills as well as feeling empowered to reclaim hope.

For more information about The Haven Retreat, please visit our FAQ page.