Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a medical/mental health professional. Are your services right for my client?

The Haven Retreat is a psychoeducational program for adult female survivors of childhood/adolescent sexual abuse which occurred at or before the age of 18. The retreat consists of a 4-day in-person experience followed by a self-directed online course. The purpose of The Haven Retreat is to create an opportunity for survivors to build community, provide education related to the effects of childhood sexual trauma, and facilitate experiential activities to address the impacts of trauma on the brain and body. Participation in the education and activities is optional but highly encouraged. Participants are not required to discuss their abuse.

This retreat is specifically designed to serve women who, despite their trauma, are functioning well across multiple areas of their lives. A prospective retreat participant may be working, raising a family, and contributing to her community. Despite these successes, she is still affected by what happened in her past. Due to the generosity of our founders and donors, the retreat is free. Participants are responsible for the costs of traveling to and from the retreat property.

The Haven Retreat is NOT a crisis intervention or treatment program and therapy is NOT provided. Each application is carefully screened to determine if the retreat is the right fit, or right timing, for an applicant. The Haven Retreat is not a replacement for therapeutic services. A Younique Foundation therapist or registered nurse may reach out to an applicant’s therapist or physician for a collateral contact to gather more information about the applicant’s readiness to attend the retreat.

If you would like further information, please contact Sarah Burton at (435) 271-9766 or email

What is considered childhood sexual abuse?

The Younique Foundation defines child sexual abuse as forcing or coercing a child or adolescent into sexual activity. It is not restricted to physical contact and may include unhealthy sexual exposure, voyeurism, and child pornography.

Who qualifies to participate in the retreat?

Any adult woman who was sexually abused at or before age 18 is eligible to participate in The Haven Retreat. Participants must be able to safely live in a social environment for four days with a group of other survivors and abstain from drugs and alcohol without withdrawals. The retreat is specifically designed to serve women who experienced trauma but who are functioning well across multiple areas in their lives. They may be working, raising a family, and contributing to their community. Despite these successes, they are still affected, often deeply, by what happened in their past.

The Haven Retreat is not a crisis intervention program. We encourage women who are struggling with significant untreated mental health symptoms, active drug and alcohol addiction, or homelessness to seek professional help from other sources prior to applying.

What if my abuse happened at age 18? Can I still apply? Yes. Any adult woman who was sexually abused at or before age 18 is eligible to attend The Haven Retreat.
How much does the retreat cost? Due to the generosity of our founders and donors, survivors participate in The Haven Retreat for free. Participants are responsible for travel to and from the pick-up locations for the in-person experience. All food, lodging, and services are provided free of charge throughout the retreat. during the retreat.
Where does the in-person portion of retreat take place? We currently have two retreat locationWe currently have two locations, one in Utah County, Utah, and one in Dawson County, Georgia.
What is the time-frame for attending the retreat?

When an application request is made via The Younique Foundation (TYF) website, the applicant will receive an email with a link to the application. Note: It may take a few months to receive the application link. Once the application is received and reviewed, TYF may contact the applicant to schedule a phone call with one of the intake coordinators, TYF clinicians, or nurses to obtain more information as needed. Once the application is accepted, the applicant will receive an email from The Younique Foundation staff about scheduling the retreat. Note: This entire process will vary depending on the waitlist, availability, and specified time-frame of the applicant.

How much notice will I have to schedule a retreat? Once you have been sent the scheduling link you will have several date options for scheduling your retreat. If you are unable to find dates that works best for you, please reach out to our intake team for assistance. 
Can I attend the retreat with a family member/friend? No, in order to promote individual healing, The Younique Foundation asks that family members, friends, coworkers, etc. of participants DO NOT schedule their retreat together. While it’s important to have support and camaraderie among the survivors in your life, The Haven Retreat focuses on the value of your personal healing journey and wants to ensure you, as an individual, will receive the most from your experience. 
Is the retreat confidential?  Yes, The Younique Foundation will never share your personal information with anyone outside of the foundation, its directors, officers, agents, employees, or volunteers without your prior consent. All information gathered from the participant will be kept strictly confidential. 
What will I be doing during the in-person portion of retreat?

Every day, participants can choose to participate in a variety of activities designed to meet three objectives:

1) Education: Courses are available that help survivors understand the impact of trauma, develop strategies to heal from trauma, and use tools to overcome self-defeating and unhealthy behaviors.

2) Experience: The Haven Retreat provides experiential activities that address the effects of trauma on the brain and body. These include yoga, Muay Thai, and mindfulness activities.

3) Community: The Haven Retreat offers a space for developing a community with other survivors. Feelings of support, validation, and understanding are invaluable to healing from trauma.

All activities are optional but highly encouraged. Participants are not required to discuss the details of their abuse.

What will I be doing during the online course portion of retreat?

The online course builds on the experiences you have during the in-person portion of retreat. The online course has two main elements.

1) Self-directed courses: These courses are designed to deepen your understanding of healing topics and give you opportunities to apply healing tools in your day-to-day life.

2) Live classes: These classes give you an opportunity to both deepen your knowledge and continue connecting with a supportive community of other survivors who are participating in retreat.

How does the retreat help? The goal of the retreat is to empower survivors with specific understanding and skills that make healing more likely. For most, healing takes a significant amount of time, which is why we often refer to it as a healing journey. An independent study of 2018 retreat participants found that on average they experienced a 23% reduction in PTSD symptoms, felt more confident in coping with their trauma and reported a 21% improvement in their overall well-being during the year following their attendance. Retreat can have a very tangible effect on your healing journey! Additional services are designed to help survivors know they are valued and cared for.
What do I need to bring to the retreat? As part of the application process, you will receive information about what to bring.
Will I be able to work during the in-person portion of retreat? No. While we do not put restrictions on participants’ use of electronic devices, we strongly encourage everyone to disconnect.
Can I nominate someone else to participate in the retreat? No. We are unable to accept nominations or applications from loved ones. Due to the confidentiality of our application process, we require that each individual submit their own application for the retreat.
Do you offer therapy during the retreat? No. Rather than providing therapy, the focus of the retreat is on delivering healing education and services specifically designed to help survivors learn tools they can use to manage the impact of trauma in their day-to-day lives.
Will I be sharing a room with someone else?

Yes. You will be sharing a room with 2–3 other participants. We make every effort to ensure each room has comfortable space and access to a nearby bathroom.

Will my meals be provided while I’m at the retreat location? Yes. Due to generous donations from our donors, all of your meals will be provided. Our culinary team works hard to have the freshest ingredients and nutritious meals to promote mindful eating. The menu is served in a buffet-style so you are empowered to choose what you would like to eat. Although not guaranteed, we do our best to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions.
Will there be Wi-Fi and cell phone service at the retreat location? No. Depending on which retreat location you come to, there is limited to no cell phone service. There is a landline available, so you are able to reach out to your loved ones at home. There is no internet service available.
Can I bring my emotional support animal?

No. We do not allow emotional support, comfort, or companion animals at the retreat locations. The Younique Foundation permits service dogs that are trained to perform a specific task for the benefit of a disabled person. For further information about our service animal policy, please speak with our intake team once your application has been processed.

Are you associated with a religion? No, The Younique Foundation hosts free, secular, educational retreats in Utah and Georgia. It is not a religious organization.
Will I be expected to share my story during the retreat?

No. We will never ask you to share the story of your abuse at any point. Some participants may choose to share, but it is completely up to each individual.

When is the retreat? We host the retreat year-round. The in-person experience starts on Monday and ends on Thursday. 


What percentage of Younique sales go to The Younique Foundation? Younique generously donates 10% of profits to The Younique Foundation as part of their ongoing pledge to fight for the eradication of child sexual abuse and its effects. We are very thankful that Younique willingly supports our organization, and their financial contribution is extremely generous. Additional information about our relationships with Younique can be found in our story.
How can I fundraise? First, thank you for your interest in fundraising! The best and easiest way to fundraise is through Facebook's donation platform. On your Facebook page, click on "Fundraisers" in the explore tab (you can find this on the left side of the screen when browsing on desktop). Next, click on "Raise Money" and follow the instructions. There is no transaction fee when you raise money through Facebook, so 100% of the money comes to The Younique Foundation.
Can I donate on behalf of others? We're happy to accept donations on behalf of someone else. When you donate, please indicate whom you would like to honor with your donation.
Where should I mail donations? Please mail donations to the foundation's headquarters: The Younique Foundation 4101 N Thanksgiving Way STE 100 Lehi, UT 84043
My child has been abused. Do you have resources for minors? While we recognize the need for healing services focused on children, we do not host retreats for survivors under the age of 18. Our retreats are tailored to meet the needs of adult survivors. Defend Innocence, a brand of The Younique Foundation, provides resources parents can use to help children and teens who have been abused heal from the impact of abuse. Defend Innocence also provides resources that focus on the prevention of child sexual abuse.
Do you offer a retreat for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse? What resources are available? While we recognize that childhood sexual abuse impacts both women and men, we currently only offer retreats for female survivors. However, our resources provide useful information for any survivor of sexual abuse. Our Reclaim Hope book and workbook are particularly helpful. Additionally, the website has an online community specifically for male survivors of sexual abuse.
Can our organizations partner? We are always interested in working with like-minded organizations. We evaluate the potential to partner on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in partnering with The Younique Foundation, please send us an email at and tell us a little bit about how you think our organizations can partner together.
What should I do if I’m having an issue with a merchandise order placed in your online store? You can email our Community Care team at
How do I cancel my recurring donation? You can email our Community Care team at
How are donations to The Younique Foundation used? Our most recent independent audit shows that 83% of our annual budget is spent on program services. Services include everything that is provided at The Haven Retreat to participants (food, accommodations, materials, etc.), along with support resources that are created and posted on our website. Donations also fund our education and awareness campaigns. Our budget also covers education and outreach focused on preventing child sexual abuse, which are primarily provided through Defend Innocence, a brand of The Younique Foundation.
How can I find a therapist? On our resources page, you can find information about finding a therapist.
What additional resources are available to heal from sexual abuse? In addition to The Haven Retreat, The Younique Foundation created Finding Hope Support Groups, which are survivor-led groups that enable survivors to connect with and heal alongside survivors in their own communities. We also offer online resources that are designed specifically for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their supporters. Our resources cover a variety of topics and tools designed to help you heal and navigate your day-to-day life.